New, five-floor appartment building with three basements in Kolonaki

New, four-storey appartment building with basement, Gazi

Restoration with addition of edifice extension in Gazi

Restoration of old two-floor residence in Koukaki

Restoration and addition of outdoor/exterior outer staircase in Voula residence

New, two-floor house in Mets

Change of Layout, Maintenance of Residence and Extension of first Floor, Mets

Newly built six-floor appartment building with basement, Pagrati

Building of two two-storey detached houses with basements on Rodon street, Ekali

Two new detached houses with basement, garage and swimming pool in Kefalari

Ανακαίνιση, αλλαγή διαρύθμισης και προσθήκη κατ' επέκταση σε υπάρχουσα κατοικία στην Παιανία